Is This What We Leave For Our Children?


I have to go on a little rant here…

I am not looking to politicize this in any way, shape or form. I am not a Politician.  Yes, I am a Republican. I am also a citizen of the United States of America.  I think I can speak for a lot of people – not all, but a large majority of them by saying that our way of living has to change.

Support Only For Tragedies

There seems to be unconditional support for ‘tragedies’ where people of all types, races and classes will come together to support one another and support the families and friends of those where tragedy has struck. Why is that?  Because, as humans we do have a caring bone in our bodies; so why not care all the time and for everyone?  Why are there these ‘special occasions’ where people only come together in support when something happens?  This should be a given every single day of our lives.  But instead we tend to go our separate ways after a disaster has happened – it’s all cleaned up, we can now move on.

What exactly does ‘moving on’ entail? Going back to our lives as if nothing had happened is really what happens – or at least have the appearance of “Look at me – I helped out”.  Yet in the backs of our minds, we do remember 9/11 and other disasters that have happened in our own country – or even across the seas.  We need to constantly have compassion for our fellow human beings.

Government Philosophy

Look at our own government – State AND Federal. What is it going to take to fix this?  You know what I think?  Our politicians in our Local Government as well as in our Federal Government – and I mean ALL, whether it be Senators, Congressmen, House of Representatives, Governors, and anyone involved in creating laws should have a LIMITED TERM.  Why?  Why not?  Don’t you think people have the very best intentions at first of doing what’s right, but end up bringing in ‘special interest’ groups (financing from SIG’S) to pass certain budgets.  Here’s the kicker:  A lot of these special interest group financing appropriations are not singly voted on, but simply earmarked within another major consideration of vote.  So essentially, we take a greater issue that would be voted on with a ‘yes’ vote to appease most people and then add the earmark so that only one vote in its entirely is used.  What’s to gain?  If an  issue need to be earmarked with another issue (and sometimes non-related), there is no positive win for those majority voters who might not feel that it is the best way to vote – but simply voting for the lesser of two evils – if you will.

People who are in a position, especially one of power will become complacent – even lax. A fresh look is needed to any position and situation – this is how we can get opinions and facts from several different sources without compromising our own citizens.  This is why Board of Director positions are termed – what a better way to take a fresh approach on a company or business – and are the State and Federal Governments businesses – of course they are!  Then why should they be any different?  Why shouldn’t they be made to work all year long like everyone else?  They might even get more done – and all of these earmarked issues could now be voted on separately – and albeit not passed.  Again, I wonder why that would be.

There is this constant bickering back and forth amongst these (we’ll call them professionals) members of Government who think that this ought to be done this way and not that way, and have the financing to back them up. Why do they need ‘financing’?  A vote is a vote, why earmark it?  Why not vote on each separate issue as needed?  This is one of our biggest lacks of responsibility amongst our politicians.  Take a stand and conceptualize for the rest of us what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.  How does ‘financing’ help?  Ah yes, that’s right to line the pockets of those politicians (who probably started off as honest citizens) so they will vote the way these SIG’s want them.

I find that very interesting – don’t you? I mean if someone gave me a million dollars, why wouldn’t I vote the way they wanted?  That’s my point?  Where’s our loyalty – and who’s our loyalty to?

Our loyalty should be to each other – this is how life was created; to help one another – not rely on each other and yet still be self-sufficient in our own way.

I’m not saying all of our Politicians are crooks – and shouldn’t be taken as such. It seems that when we publicize the other’s side of the story, people tend to take that side of the SIG primarily to defend their own belief system.

We have some very smart politicians out there that are trying to make a difference, but because of the differences on either side of the aisle, are unable to get anything done. This should not be happening.

Starting Over?

How DO we fix this? How about if we had one giant world-wide EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) – I think people would be unable to handle it if all electrical equipment, devices, vehicles, etc. (anything with electricity, electrical impulses) is disabled forever.

I love technology just like the next person – even more so (in my mind). But to what extent do we let technology control our lives?  We have been given free will and the knowledge to create AND destroy any of the conveniences in life (material possessions).  Does that mean that we SHOULD do either?  I think that just because we have the knowledge to create or destroy any of the material possessions in our lives doesn’t mean we have to.

This is how we COULD fix it simply by starting all over; bringing us back to the basics – and I mean very basics. We all have these conveniences in life, whether it is luxury cars, enough money to not worry about money, big houses, swimming pools, golf courses, high-end brand-name clothing – the list goes on, but even the simplest of conveniences like a new mattress, a café-late, huge grocery stores with umpteen different choices of breakfast cereal or paper towels, cloud our own lives by determining what is really important to us.

If we started all over again, would we still have the ‘instilled’ ‘greed’ in us to become better than the next person? I wonder.  Granted we are all human – but to what extent do we let our lives control us – or are we REALLY in control of our own lives?

Sports Minded

What if we could treat everyone else as we would treat ourselves? Do sports people NEED to be making millions of dollars?  Why?  Is their lifestyle so much more different than ours that they require all of these special ‘amenities’?  Look at the professional football players, NASCAR drivers, tennis players, golfers, basketball and soccer players, hockey players, and more.  I am all for paying people what they are worth.  Professional sports players DO work hard too…but so do I – and so do YOU.  I certainly would love to be making millions of dollars a year – but I don’t.  What about our ‘A-list’ actors and actresses?  I know they DO work hard and deserve to be paid fairly – but hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for appearing in an ‘episode’ of a television show or even a main character in their own show – that seems to be a bit much.

Prescription Drugs

What about prescription medications? Come on, does an M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) injectable really have to cost $2,987 a month?  What about these people who DON’T have insurance – what happens then?  They are weak so they will just simply die?  Ah, so it’s all about the survival of the fittest is that it?  If you can’t afford to pay, tough luck – let those who are able to work and have insurance remain the fittest and live their life.

Do pharmaceutical companies REALLY need to spend all of that money on R & D (Research & Development)? What exactly ARE these costs included in R & D?

Here is the definition of R & D Expenses from[1]:

What are ‘Research and Development (R&D) Expenses?’

Research and development (R&D) describes activity or expense associated with the research and development of a company’s goods or services. R&D expenses are a type of operating expense and can be deducted as such on a business tax return. This type of expense is incurred in the process of finding and creating new products or services.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Research and Development (R&D) Expenses’

R&D is a type of systematic activity conducted by a company, which combines basic and applied research in an attempt to discover solutions to problems, or to create or update goods and services. The act of a company conducting its own R&D often results in the ownership of intellectual property in the form of patents or copyrights.

An important component of a company’s R&D is its R&D expenses. These expenses can be relatively minor, or they can easily run into billions of dollars for large corporations. R&D expenses are usually the highest for industrial, technological, health care and pharmaceutical firms. Some companies reinvest a significant portion of their profits back into R&D, as is the case with technology companies, since they see it as an investment in their continued growth.

So, let me understand this…if a company conducts R & D (whether internally or externally) there is a positive impact made on the company – right? Whether it is patents, copyrights, or investment in continued growth, where’s MY portion of the payment to these companies?  Where’s my ‘royalties’ from patents or copyrights?  Where is my stock certificate if I help them invest?

Something’s not right here. It seems to me like a win-lose – win for the company and lose for the consumer no matter which way you look at it.  Am I wrong?

So Much at Stake

The upcoming U.S. Presidential Election is an important one. One of our candidates is certainly getting America roiled up!  But that’s a good thing!  It’s time for people to stop and think how America is being run right now.  Not how it should be run or how it was run – but exactly how is it running right now this very minute.  Think about it – our country is divided into predominately two parties:  Democrats and Republicans (not in any particular order, except alpha sort within this context).  No matter who wins, there will be someone who will be unhappy.  I am reminded of the quote by John Lydgate[2], “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”

This makes perfect sense – no one can disagree with me here. This is a simple fact; again human nature.

How can this be changed? Because something came from nothing (whether it is the form of evolution or creation – my view is of the later, and while something is created, it will evolve over time), every single one of us is unique in the things we say or feel, and in the life we live whether rich or poor (not meaning financially) is environmentally based.  A simple example, take a goldfish; they ‘grow’ only as large as their environment lets them.  If they are in a small fish bowl, they will remain small, if you put a single goldfish in a 20 gallon tank they will grow larger, and so on.  It is like us as humans; if we are put in an environment where we are limited to religious freedoms, food availability, or cultivatable land we would not grow as much (in our case, not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually).  If we are raised in an environment with unlimited possibilities – whether it be the food we can choose, the work we do, the people we associate with, or even the environment to include land and water – we will grow AND teach others to grown as well.

We are the example for our children – let it be just that. Let’s take the bull by the horns and lead by example.  Our children are smart and they know what goes on.  Let’s show them that we do care.

We NEED to really LOOK at what’s important – not just to us as individuals, but to everyone. In other words let’s look at the ‘big picture’ – what do we need to do to get there from here, and HOW do we go about doing it.  By alienating those who have needs or opinions is not how we compromise – we need to find an equally challenging starting point – from both sides of the aisle.  To get to the point where everything our Government does to create a life that’s the very best for all, everyone would be sacrificing something – this is compromise.  We all need to agree to disagree once in a while.  We also need to remain humble and know that what is given can be grown into something spectacular and worthy of calling ourselves Americans living in this United States of America.

In conclusion, ask yourself this simple question: Where do you want to be in 10 years and how do you want to portray yourself to the next generation?



About Timothy R. Barre

I hold an Associates degree in Marketing, Management & Retailing which I received through Champlain College, Burlington, VT in 1983 I am currently a Purchase and Mailroom Manager with a Local Vermont Bank. I am volunteering with the Green Mountain United Way on their Funding Resources Committee and Marketing Committee. I am actively involved with the annual NESCON conference (New England Supply Chain Conference & Educational Exhibition) for the past 9 years. For the last 3 I have been the Chair of the Exhibitor Committee. I am also involved with the Annual Worksite Wellness Conference through the Vermont Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for the past 2 years and am the Chair of the exhibitor and sponsor committee. I am also a registered member of ISM-VT (Institute of Supply Management - Vermont Chapter). I am also a regular blood donor.
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